How to make your own business talisman for good luck

Since ancient times, people have believed that certain objects can protect them from dangers, diseases and black magic, attract good luck, happiness, wealth and other benefits. Such things are called talismans. It is customary to take them with you or keep them at home to be under the protection of higher powers. People who do not yet have a personal magic protector should understand how to make a talisman themselves. After its appearance, they will immediately feel how life begins to change for the better.

The difference between a talisman and a talisman

Powerful talismans for good luck, made by yourself

The words "amulet" and "talisman" are considered equivalent and used as synonyms.

But the difference between them, albeit small, is this:

  1. Amulet protects a person from negative magical effects, diseases and misfortunes. It can be tangible (pectoral cross, runic stick, horseshoe above the front door, etc. ) or intangible (plot, whisper).
  2. A talisman is also an object with supernatural powers that protects against evil and negative energy, attracts happiness and success. It can be either an object carried with you or kept at home, or a living being such as a cat.

Will a homemade talisman work?

To have an effective preservative, you can make it yourself.

According to esotericists, a self-made amulet has more pronounced magical properties than a given or purchased one.

When a person makes something protective for himself, he fills it with his own energy while working. Thanks to this, the talisman begins to accept him as its owner and help him in all matters.

But it will be possible to achieve such an effect under the condition that a person creates the amulet in a good mood, without holding grudges and grudges against anyone.

If he begins to spread negativity into the universe, he will fill his magical attribute with negative energy. Such a thing will not protect from problems and attract luck.

What can talismans and amulets be made of?

Raw materials of natural origin are used in the production of amulets: wood, natural threads, fur, leather, etc. These materials perfectly absorb negative energy from the outside world, protecting the owner from its destructive effects.


Convenient and effective material for making amulets at home. Bracelets, pendants and other magical attributes are made from it.

In order for a home-made talisman to maximize its magical properties, the energy of the material is taken into account when making it.

Ladies are recommended to choose female trees (aspen, cherry, birch, etc. ), and representatives of the stronger sex to choose male trees (oak, hazel).

In addition, each tree has its own supernatural properties:

  • Rowan protects from evil spirits;
  • alder protects against adultery, helps those who do good deeds;
  • cherry preserves youth;
  • aspen protects against evil spirits;
  • hazelnut attracts wealth, protects against thieves;
  • oak protects against the evil eye and curse, strengthens the energy field.
Each tree has its own energy and affects the amulet in its own way.


Natural fur contains the energy of the killed animal, so it should be used with care to create an amulet. This material will help self-confident people who are used to taking risks and showing aggression to achieve their goals.

A harmless person with an easy character will not benefit from a fur amulet.

Fur amulets for self-confident people

Real leather

Leather should be treated with care for the same reason as fur. Not suitable for a kind-hearted person who prefers a quiet life with his family.

Leather amulets are the choice of those who are accustomed to walking on the edge of a knife.

Amulets made of real leather for people at risk

Burlap and natural fabric

Fabric talismans are easy to sew with your own hands. Often they are made in the form of protective dolls. Such products are suitable for everyone, regardless of gender, age and type of activity.

Motanka doll can be made with your own hands

Themes and ribbons

Natural threads and ribbons are universal materials from which amulets can be made for people of all ages, genders and professions. Protective dolls, bracelets, pendants for cars and other protective attributes are made from them.

Herbs, flowers and berries

Many plants have magical powers that a person can use to their advantage.

Properties of herbs, berries and flowers in talismans:

  • St. John's wort and hawthorn protect against evil spirits;
  • rose hip gives well-being, turns negative energy into positive;
  • Rowan protects against magical effects;
  • birch heals diseases, protects against witchcraft;
  • science helps to acquire valuable knowledge;
  • verbena develops the gift of foresight, attracts the opposite sex, heals and protects against evil spirits;
  • elecampane protects against damage and the evil eye, attracts love, and drives away diseases;
  • Ivan also helps Mary maintain love and loyalty;
  • Chamomile removes anxiety and attracts love;
  • nettle removes damage, protects against witchcraft and the evil eye, gives courage;
  • Clover and sage bring good luck and prosperity.

Stones and minerals

Precious and semi-precious stones are not the most suitable material for making a talisman with your own hands, because they require processing, which cannot be done without special tools and skills.

But if there is such a possibility, the master should take into account the compatibility of the horoscope with the selected stone.

The mineral for the talisman is chosen according to the horoscope


Beeswax has long been used to create amulets against injuries, everyday problems and illnesses. Both candles and figurines made of melted wax are used for protective purposes.

Salt dough

Salt has long been known for its ability to absorb negativity, so it is used to ward off the evil eye and witchcraft. By adding dough, you can get a plastic material with magical properties, suitable for creating protective figurines.

In order for the salt dough talisman to bring the desired benefits, additional ingredients are added to it:

  • garlic - protects against the tricks of evil spirits;
  • sunflower seeds - used in children's amulets to protect the child from diseases;
  • egg - helps those who desire offspring;
  • millet - protects against the evil eye;
  • poppy - fulfills desires;
  • grain and beans - attracts wealth and gives physical strength.

Rules for creating a talisman or amulet for good luck

When preparing a protective substance yourself, you should follow the following rules:

  1. Perform all actions on your own without being distracted by extraneous sounds and activities.
  2. While working, mentally communicate with the talisman, ask it for help and fill it with your positive energy.
  3. Create an amulet in a room lit by moonlight or sunlight. Don't sit down to work when the sky is cloudy.
  4. While working, read a prayer addressed to the guardian angel or "Our Father".
  5. Believe in the magical power of the manufactured item.
It is necessary to create an amulet with a pure heart and good thoughts.

Talismans according to the sign of the zodiac

Astrologers recommend creating a talisman taking into account the zodiac sign of the intended person. At this time, a person will be able to feel the effect of the magical attribute as much as possible.

Suitable amulets for representatives of various signs are presented in the table.

Zodiac sign Stones Figures and pictures Additional amulets
RAM Ruby, diamond, amethyst, sapphire Sun, military symbols (gun, armor, sword, shield, dagger, arrow) Silver
Taurus Emerald, chalcedony, chrysoprase Bull, horseshoe, owl, elephant Copper
Twins Alexandrite, topaz, agate Air symbol, snake, key, mask, wing
Cancer Emerald, moonstone Yin and yang balance symbol, heart, crescent, cat A necklace made of round beads
a lion Ruby, citrine, topaz Lion, sun, sunflower, eagle, star, crown, torch, swan Gold coin or antique ring
Virgo Jasper, peridot, jade Grasshopper, owl, aster Amulets made of wood and clay
Scales Tourmaline, diamond, opal Libra symbol, book, labyrinth, butterfly, dove, sunflower
Scorpio Aquamarine, black opal, garnet, hematite Scorpion, scarab, frog, any symbolism related to the realm of the dead
Archer Peridot, turquoise Lizard, star, phoenix, any elements of harness (saddle, horseshoe, bridle)
Capricorn Ruby, onyx Frog, lizard, crocodile, black cat, turtle, ladder
Aquarius Sapphire, zircon, amethyst 2 wave symbols; anything related to weather (clouds, birds, insects, airplanes), lock it with a key
Fish Peridot, aquamarine, amethyst Fish, jellyfish, musical instruments Beads made of seashells, coral and pearls

The best home talismans and amulets for good luck

You can use almost any household materials to create a homemade amulet.

Patterned tape

Since ancient times, in the Slavic lands, women decorated their heads with ribbons on which protective symbols were sewn. Any needlewoman can make such a talisman at home.

For this he will need:

  • red silk or cotton ribbon;
  • natural colored embroidery threads;
  • needle;
  • ring

By placing the tape in the ring, you need to sew images of natural objects that can protect a person from evil. These include the sun, moon, stars, earth, plants, water, etc.

It is not at all necessary to decorate your head with a finished ribbon. It can be tied to a bag, sewn to a dress or worn on the wrist instead of a bracelet. In each of these cases, the ribbon will protect its creator from external negativity.

Slavic symbols on protective tape

Runic or transformation of a rune

A powerful amulet will be a piece of wood or cardboard on which runes or rune sticks are painted with protective power.

You can use symbols, for example:

  1. Algiz (protects from ill-intentioned people, envy and gossip, accidents, bankruptcy).
  2. Thurisaz (protects against gossip, toxic relationships, harm, intrigue, envy).
  3. Teyvaz (protects home and money, helps a person to overcome obstacles on the way to the goal).
  4. Isa (neutralizes negative external influences, helps the owner to get out of a conflict situation with minimal losses).
  5. Algiz - Odal - Algiz (stands for home security).
  6. Algiz - Eyvaz - Isa (the formula protects a person and his family from the influence of magic and shows the one who does witchcraft).

If the rune talisman is intended to protect the apartment, it is hidden in the house. A personal amulet is carried with you, placed in a bag, pocket or wallet.

The Magic Ring

After receiving a ring as a gift or buying a new one, you can spell it for happiness and good luck.

To do this, you need to take jewelry in your hand and say the following spell on it:

"I attract success that will grow and strengthen with the Moon. As long as I have the ring, there will be no room for failure in life! "

Then the ring should be placed in a glass of spring water with a pinch of salt for 7 days.

The magic ring must be worn by the person who threw it. You cannot give it to strangers, otherwise it will lose its power.

Amulet string for good luck

This amulet came to us from the Jewish teachings of Kabbalah. To create it, you need a ball of red woolen yarn. You need to cut a thread from it, the length of which is 4-5 cm longer than around the wrist.

Tie the cut thread to the wrist of your left hand and make 7 knots (a loved one can tie them).

The thread bracelet cannot be removed until it breaks on its own. This amulet will protect its owner from the evil eye and attract good luck.

A red thread amulet that attracts good luck

Paper talisman

Paper is made from wood, so it is a natural material from which amulets can be made.

For a talisman that will attract good luck, you will need:

  • a thick sheet of gold or yellow paper;
  • simple pen;
  • bright ink pen;
  • scissors;
  • natural wax (you can melt a church candle).

Manufacturing instructions:

  1. At midnight, draw a five-pointed star on the paper.
  2. Draw a four-leaf clover, wheel of fortune, or other good luck symbol in the center of the figure to attract good luck.
  3. In the process of drawing, constantly say the words: "Let this talisman help me reach (pronounce the goal)" or "May this talisman protect me from (name). "
  4. Cut out the finished star and place it in the melted wax. Always keep him with you to help him achieve what he wants.

Wooden talisman

Before making an amulet with your own hands, you need:

  1. Go to the forest, choose a strong tree with thick branches and mentally ask permission to cut one of them.
  2. After that, leaving a coin or a handful of grain under the tree as a ransom, he sent the chosen branch away.
  3. After returning home, put the branch in a dry place for 2-3 weeks. During this time, it will absorb the energy of the house and the people living there.
  4. When the specified time is up, cut a piece of wood from the branch and start making the amulet.

Step by step production:

  1. Give the cut piece the desired shape (circle, cross, animal figure), sand thoroughly. Make a hole at the top for the string.
  2. Draw or burn the selected protective image (ancient Slavic symbol, horoscope, etc. ) on its surface.
  3. Cover the product with wood varnish or beeswax. Let it dry.
  4. Thread the cord through the hole.
Wooden amulets have great power

Salt dough amulet

To prepare a dough that will absorb negativity and protect a person and his home from evil, you will need:

  • 200 g of flour;
  • 100 g of rock salt;
  • 100 ml of hot water.

If you want, you can add the above-mentioned additional products (poppy, eggs, etc. ) to the dough.

Manufacturing instructions:

  1. Knead the listed ingredients into a hard and elastic mass that will not stick to your hands.
  2. When the dough reaches the required consistency, make a protective figure from it. It can be a symbol that corresponds to your zodiac sign or a universal talisman that brings good luck (dragon, elephant, horseshoe, etc. ).
  3. Put the finished craft in the furnace, +75. . . Heat to +100 °C and dry for 1-3 hours (time depends on the size of the product).
  4. If there is no oven, dry the talisman in the open air, but then this process will take several days. It is important to protect the sculpture from direct sunlight, otherwise it will crack and collapse.
  5. Paint the dried amulet with gouache or acrylic paints and then cover it with several layers of furniture or transparent manicure varnish.

After the figurine is completely dry, it can be used for protective purposes.

Elephant amulet made of salt dough

Fur talisman for good luck

From pieces of real fur, you can make a brownie that will protect your home from misfortunes. It can also be hidden in your car to protect against theft and accidents.

For the craft you will need:

  • natural fur pieces;
  • Foam;
  • scissors;
  • thread with a needle;
  • adhesive;
  • eyes, nose, mouth (you can buy them at a craft store or make them yourself from paper or other material).

Production process:

  1. Cut 2 circles with a diameter of 10 cm from the fur, sew the right sides to the inside and turn it inside out. Fill the back of the product with foam rubber to give it a round shape. Sew the remaining hole.
  2. Make a face for the amulet by gluing on the eyes, nose and mouth.
  3. Cut and sew the arms and legs from the remaining fur. Sew or glue them to the body of the cupcake.

The finished figurine should be kept in a place where strangers cannot see it. In this case, it will be a reliable talisman for your home or car.

Amulet of dried herbs

To make a talisman from plants, you need:

  1. On the waxing moon, go to a clearing or forest. Collect herbs and flowers that attract luck and protect against harm (their properties are described above).
  2. Dry them at home.
  3. Make a bag from a piece of burlap, fill it with dried herbs and tie the top with lace or ribbon.

The finished talisman can be hidden at home (stitched on a pillow, placed on the windowsill, placed near the front door) or put in your pocket and kept with you.

A bag of magic herbs for a talisman

What to do if the talisman does not work or you cannot do it

A do-it-yourself amulet should show its magical properties within a few days of use. If it doesn't work, then mistakes were made during its production.

Most often, the lack of results is faced by those who make the talisman in a bad mood or are distracted by extraneous thoughts while working. In this case, it is worth trying to create something magical again.

Do not despair in a situation where you cannot make an amulet. You can order its production from a master or buy a ready-made protective symbol.

It is important that the thing pleases the owner. Then he will protect her.

Activation of the talisman

Any homemade or purchased talisman must be charged with magical power before use. They do this with the help of 4 elements: Water, Earth, Air and Fire.

Activation sequence:

  1. Bury the amulet for half an hour.
  2. Wash with spring or well water.
  3. Fumigate with incense or keep in fresh air for half an hour.
  4. Hold for 1-2 minutes over a burning candle or wood.

It is advisable to carry out all stages of activation in one day. After the ceremony, in the evening, you should put the product under your pillow and go to bed. In the morning you can start using the talisman.

How to use it

The amulet will help if it is worn correctly and if it is periodically cleaned of the negative energy it absorbs during use. In addition, you need to learn how to say goodbye to a magical attribute when it stops performing its protective function.

Dress up

The following rules should be followed when wearing a talisman:

  1. Try to wear the protective symbol for at least a few hours every day. It must be constantly fed by the owner's energy.
  2. Wear the talisman or take it with you whenever you need the support of higher powers.
  3. No one but the owner should wear or handle his amulet.
  4. Hide a magical item from prying eyes. Thanks to this, it will protect its owner better and longer.

Purification of the talisman

The amulet tends to absorb the negative energy directed against the owner of other people. Once he gets caught up in negativity, his defenses weaken and he stops helping.

The purification ritual will help restore the magical properties of the talisman, with its help it will be possible to save it from accumulated energy.

To do this you need:

  1. Sprinkle an even layer of salt on the bottom of the glass jar.
  2. Place the amulet in the bowl.
  3. Cover with salt and leave for 12 hours, then remove and shake.

This ritual is repeated every time the amulet stops helping.

You can clean the talisman with salt

How to break up with a talisman

When the amulet is broken or torn, it means that it is so full of negative energy that it can no longer fulfill its protective mission. A failed attribute should be removed.

You can do this in 2 ways:

  1. Burn it in a fire or in the flame of a wax candle (suitable for objects made of cloth, paper or other materials that burn well).
  2. Go to a pond and throw it into the water (this method is chosen for heavy objects that sink easily).

Before parting with the amulet, you should thank him for his help throughout and apologize for having to say goodbye to him. After the ritual, you can make yourself a new amulet.