Money talismans for the wallet - features, production and rules of use

Talismans to attract money to your wallet

No matter how much money you have, you still want more. People probably began to feel the constant scarcity of coins from the day they were first introduced. In any case, even before the appearance of paper bills, people knew how to make talismans and amulets to attract money to their wallets. Many ways to attract wealth were invented by the ancient Slavs, not to mention the Chinese, who started using coins before many other peoples. Simple household magic is quite accessible to modern people.

The five golden rules of the rich man

So everyone loves coins - but what do they love? You need to learn to follow several important rules, otherwise no amulet will help you attract wealth.

  1. He likes to count money. The word was created for a reason. Those who want to improve their financial well-being should get used to counting the cash in their hands every day, down to the smallest coin.
  2. For this, you should get used to keeping your money in order, stuffing coins and bills into the many pockets of your clothes and not forgetting them. The second rule is order. Banknotes should be carefully arranged and folded one after the other, coins should be collected in a special compartment.
  3. The amount you keep with you for expenses should be carried in a new, neat wallet or wallet. It is not so important that it is leather or a cheap substitute, it is more important that it is neat and attractive.
  4. In no case should you neglect small change or refuse change in the store if it is given in coins. If you want to please the seller or the waiter with a tip, you can give them change, but for this purpose, not out of disrespect for coins.
  5. Neither coins nor bills should be handled from hand to hand: there is a risk of "accumulating" unfavorable energy. When making calculations, they are placed on the table or counter. They give money to beggars not in an outstretched palm, but in a hat or box. If there is none, it is better to refrain from charity, so that you do not ask for it later.

All these rules are based on long-term monetary traditions and have been tested by more than one generation.

Money frog with an ancient Chinese coin - an amulet for wealth

Money management

Everything in the world is closely connected with each other, permeated by constantly moving energy flows. Financial energy is an integral part of this period. And a person can learn to manage it so that the flow of wealth becomes more active than the flow of money. It is not possible to completely block the financial flow, and there is no need. Mindless hoarding will not make you rich because input and output are interdependent.

Money can and should be spent! But there is one condition: financial expenses should bring joy. If you want, you should pamper yourself. "I can't afford it" should disappear from the lexicon forever. Instead, you should get used to thinking, "I love wealth and enjoy the opportunities it opens up, and wealth loves me. "

And money should be shared. Millionaires do not spend large sums of money on charity: it pays off. Spending not on yourself, but on the joy of your loved ones is no less effective. Even inexpensive gifts and the warm emotions they evoke will support the flow of energy related to finances. Well-being will definitely improve, because money comes willingly to the place where joy and love reign.

Wallet - the main money talisman

To attract money to your wallet, you can make talismans yourself or buy them. Both ways of attracting wealth are good in their own way. Some particularly powerful amulets require additional activation, others work by themselves, increasing the flow of financial energy with their presence.

The first talisman that attracts money is the wallet itself. As mentioned above, it should not be worn. It is indispensable that the fittings are neat and functional.

Artificial materials are quite acceptable, but the best option is real leather. The preferred color is red. It symbolizes wealth not only in Slavic culture, but also in China and India.

Accordingly, the ideal container for bills and small coins is a red leather wallet with compartments for bills of different denominations. It would be nice if it was decorated with yellow metal parts. Special money amulets will help strengthen the financially attractive energy of your wallet.

General recommendations for creating money amulets yourself

Those who decide to make money talismans for a wallet with their own hands should take into account: amulets cannot be made and activated as needed. You should not ask the Universe for funds to heal or pay off accumulated debts. Money energy works like this: need repels it, but prosperity and joy attract wealth. Therefore, the rich get richer and the poor fall deeper into poverty. When throwing financial talismans, you should think about the joys that wealth will bring.

All money talismans are made and activated during the growing Moon. They will be even more effective if done with planetary timing in mind - for example, on the day and hour of Jupiter, who rules financial affairs. It happens on Thursday, in the first hour after sunrise.

Thoughts are material. When activating amulets, you should imagine as accurately as possible the benefits that the rich can get, and at the same time think about them not with envy, but as if everything is in your hands.

Fiat money

This powerful "wallet" talisman is often mentioned in the tales of different peoples. But unlike an invisible hat or a self-assembled tablecloth, it actually exists. Plus, you can do it yourself. True, it works a little differently than described in the fairy tale: you can't pay with it, you just have to carry it with you in your wallet.

To make an irrevocable coin, as the name of the amulet suggests, you need not a simple coin, but a special coin for the owner. For example, it can be a coin from the first salary, a donated jubilee ruble, an old coin found or any other unusual coin with a history.

The amulet for the wallet is a non-refundable bill

A small bag about the size of a coin is sewn for the coin. The red cloth should preferably be made of cotton, wool or linen, i. e. natural material.

Before putting the coin in the bag, it should be "bathed" in the light of the growing Moon and then recited in a special way. This is done in your own words. A special coin is brought to the lips, held in cupped palms and quietly asks for help to gain wealth. You must promise the talisman that the finances will be used for good and joy. Then you need to thank the coin for its help, hide it in a prepared bag and tie it with a red or gold ribbon or string. After that, it remains to put the talisman in your wallet and wait for the effect of the enchanted coin.

Another talisman, similar in meaning to the coin, is created - an irreplaceable bill. Some sources recommend using a universal dollar to create this amulet. But most agree that the local currency is the most effective. The process of making a talisman is the same as for a coin, except that you will need a slightly larger bag - enough to fit bills folded into a triangle.

Amulets of the ancient Slavs

The ancestors used not only coins to make financial talismans, but also simple, often found household items. But not all were suitable, only those who brought profit to the owner. Thus, a shepherd could make an amulet from sheep's wool, a farmer from a handful of grain, and a carpenter from wood. A small amount of "lucky" product was wrapped in a piece of red paper and carried in a wallet similar to modern wallets. It should be clarified that at that time paper bills were not yet in use, so only coins of various denominations made of copper, silver and gold were used for financial payments.

Wealth-attracting Slavic amulets made of silver

To store and transport coins, they used durable bags - they were called purses or pouches. They are often decorated with embroidery, which can turn the wallet into a powerful financial amulet. Red threads were required. The embroidery motif was lucky symbols that attract wealth: horseshoes, ears of corn, sun with rays, etc.

By the way, the horseshoe is still considered a symbol of prosperity and good luck. Of course, you can't put it in your wallet, but miniature pictures made of metal are quite suitable for this. Amulets must be spoken to activate in the same way as fiat money.

Malachite is considered the most "money" stone. Even small rough pieces of this stone attract money to the wallet if they are attractive in the same way as coins and other financial amulets. A pendant, bead or simple piece of malachite is hidden in a hidden pocket of the wallet and worn constantly without removing it.

Foreign money scams

But this is what residents of other countries use to earn wealth:

  • The symbol of the five blessings is widespread in China. It is a circle with a sign called Universe of Eternity in the center and five bats around it. In Chinese, the name of these animals coincides with the word "happiness". Each mouse represents one of the blessings: longevity, joy, luck, health, wealth.
  • Ancient circular coins with a square cut in the center are also used as money bait in China. Today, these are mostly modern crafts - genuine coins of this type went out of financial circulation in the 11th century. One of the most famous Feng Shui symbols, the money frog holds such a coin in its mouth.
  • Solomon's seal attracts wealth from Jews and Arabs. It is a six-pointed star medallion decorated with ancient symbols, usually made of precious metals.
  • Mjolnir, a miniature version of Thor's hammer, is worn by Scandinavians.
  • Four-leaf clover is popular in Western Europe. It can be either a real dried leaf or a picture of it.
  • Scarabs bring prosperity to the Egyptians. The medallions are engraved with images of insects and are carved from stone. They dress in secret.
Your wallet will be filled with money thanks to talismans

How to magnetize wealth

Another interesting way to earn money talismans in the wallet involves the use of magnetic iron ore. To make a financial magnet, you need to use an iron bar, a large file or any magnet. You will also need gold paint in a jar or liquid.

It takes a bit of effort to get some scrap iron using a file. You don't need a lot, just a pinch is enough. Sawdust should be covered with a golden layer and allowed to dry. Then take a magnet. The resulting scraps are collected on it and allowed to magnetize for 24 hours, after which they are collected in a small bag made of thick red cloth. Such amulets are used in different countries to attract money to the wallet, so it is impossible to say exactly where they were invented. The reason for their popularity is ease of production and high efficiency.